The Californian lilac is coming into bloom!

Ceanothus, Californian lilac – it’s one of the most amazing colours in our garden… Ours is blue, and it’s in its third year since we planted it. I’ve copied an RHS link: and a bbc plant finder:  

Happy May Day!

It’s May Day and the local students and folks of our local town, Oxford, have been up and celebrating since 5am! Dancing around the town to music and celebrating – it’s a glorious day for it. The worms are confused though…  

Happy EASTER to everyone out there tinkering in their gardens

Between the downpours we’ve managed to get some gardening time in… It’s Bank Holiday Monday and the easter Bunny has been! A random egg is left in the garden for the kids to find… looks like the worms have found it first: A bit early for putting out the Egg plant, there’s still a few…

Is it an eggplant or Aubergine?