Perennial 9-star Broccoli

Saw this tweet on Rob Smith Twitter feed – Rob Smith @RobsAllotment Us worms have never heard of  a 9 star Broccoli. We don’t really rate our food… most of it is rubbish. Here’s our cartoon strip anyway! And a few links: The Guardian Victoriana nursery Incredible vegetables  

Helleborus and Chaenomeles are flowering in the garden

Heleborus and Chaenomles buds, first sign of colour in my garden. You have to wait for four years if grown from seed! So get planting…  

Happy Xmas 2018 from the worms

The worms are up for some festive fun, even trying out the old mistletoe… so why do we tend to pucker up under the mistletoe? Once explanation from Wonderopolis: Some historians believe the connection between mistletoe and a kiss comes from ancient Norse mythology. According to happier versions of the legend, Baldur (sometimes spelled Baldr or Balder) was killed…

worm kissing a slug under the mistletoe