Peonies – why are ants and celebrities so attracted to them?

The Peonies in our garden are just starting to show themselves. So the worms are digging up some facts about Peonies other than they look nice and they’re “Roses as big as cabbages” Apparently ants play an important role in blooming…  The flower buds produce a nectar that attracts ants, which climb up and help…

whay are ants attracted to peonies? Nectar.
Perennial 9-star Broccoli

Saw this tweet on Rob Smith Twitter feed – Rob Smith @RobsAllotment Us worms have never heard of  a 9 star Broccoli. We don’t really rate our food… most of it is rubbish. Here’s our cartoon strip anyway! And a few links: The Guardian Victoriana nursery Incredible vegetables  

Helleborus and Chaenomeles are flowering in the garden

Heleborus and Chaenomles buds, first sign of colour in my garden. You have to wait for four years if grown from seed! So get planting…