The Wrigglers Gardening tips for June

There are a lot of tasks in the #garden. This is a worm’s eye view – Gardening tips from the worms is based on top tips for #GardenersWorld, the #RHS and Amateur Gardening #AGteam … they know what they’re talking about, most worms don’t … they just chew the soil.

Animating the worms in their first short animation clip

I’ve been posting work in progress and drawing in progress clips of the first animated cartoon strip – creating the animation in After effects using DUIK. This is the drawing of film starting from the drawing/sketch. Drawing the worm and the fish, turning it into a layered photoshop file, and setting up as a rig…

Peonies – why are ants and celebrities so attracted to them?

The Peonies in our garden are just starting to show themselves. So the worms are digging up some facts about Peonies other than they look nice and they’re “Roses as big as cabbages” Apparently ants play an important role in blooming…  The flower buds produce a nectar that attracts ants, which climb up and help…

whay are ants attracted to peonies? Nectar.